Basildon Borough Council Election 2023

Basildon Liberal Democrats are campaigning for a Greener, Fairer and Safer Basildon. Every voter across Basildon can vote for our vision for the Borough with a Liberal Democrat candidate standing in every ward.




Billericay & Burstead

All three of our candidates live in the ward they are standing to represent on the Borough Council. As local residents they are affected by the same local issues as you. Laura Clark and Chris May are already working hard all year round for the local community as Billericay Town Councillors. Chris May also volunteers for Essex Wildlife Trust and the Billericay Residents Assocation. In 2022 our candidates finished second across Billericay & Burstead.

Billericay East - Laura Clark

Billericay West - Chris May

Burstead - Chris Daffin

Wickford & Crouch

Stewart, Nicola and Simon are all Wickford residents and are already working hard for the community all year round as a Wickford Town Councillors.

Wickford Castledon - Stewart Mott

Wickford North - Nicola Hoad

Wickford Park - Simon Blake


Published and promoted by S Mott & T Nicklin on behalf of V Howard, S McCarthy, M Chandler, S Nice, M Howard, P Lancaster, P Jenkins, P Smith, L Clark, C May, C Daffin, S Mott, N Hoad and S Blake (Liberal Democrats) all at Dagmar, Green Lane, Little Burstead, Billericay, CM12 9TT