Who We Are

The simple answer is that we, Basildon & Thurrock Liberal Democrats, are local people from a variety of different backgrounds who share a commitment to a liberal, fair and inclusive society. We share a desire for our local communities to be stronger, fairer environments that create a positive and prosperous future for generations to come.

If we were aiming for power for its own sake, then to put it bluntly, we could have joined another party for an easier life. We're committed to pursuing the values of localism and people-led politics which means spending those hours out in the cold on doorsteps talking to people because that is how we ensure that we can work to lift up people's voices and support those people in need of help to improve their lives.

We are Liberal Democrats not because we want to advance our own interests, but because we want to advance everyone's interests. To make sure people's concerns, worries, hopes and dreams are heard and responded to by those in power. As William Beveridge, the intellectual father of the NHS declared:

"The outstanding merit of Liberalism as a political creed is it stands for the general interest. It means that the Liberal Party, unlike both its rivals, cannot count on automatic support from any sectional interest. It must build its own organisation for itself and its ideals."


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