Un-brie-lievable Virtual Cheese Tasting


Us: Tired of the daily rind? We're bringing you a grate night full of caerphilly planned fun!

You: You gouda brie kidding me, right?!

Us: No, we know it's no night at the stilton, but with these unusual times... 

You: Cheese Puns. I camembert it.

Us: We dis a brie.

You: This is crackers.

Us: You feta brie-lieve it! You're cheddar off joining us! Cos, where would we brie without you?

When: 17th July 2020 - Yours (Online) - 19:45

What: Virtual Cheese Tasting + a cheese themed quiz [Ticket includes a Cheese kit (4 cheeses, crackers, chutney, biscuits + tea) and postage plus a link to our zoom event on the 17th]

Who: You (and your family!)

Dietary Requirements - get in touch on [email protected] about any dietary requirements

Cheese Ticket Deadline - Monday 6th July 11am.

Quiz only Ticket - available until Thursday 16th July. 

In queso emergency or questions contact [email protected] 


Alternative ways to pay: If you fancy doing a BACS transfer and saving us money (we have to give paypal a small fee for each transaction) then drop us an email and we'll send you the details. 

July 17, 2020 at 7:45pm - 9:30pm
Edward ·

Enter the number of tickets you would like to purchase.

£40.00 1 Household
[No Longer available] Ticket includes Cheese Kit (+ Postage) and Quiz
£15.00 Quiz
For those who aren't cheese fans but camambert to miss out!
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