May 2022 Election Manifesto

The Liberal Democrats are fighting across Basildon Borough to put local people first and ensure residents have a strong voice in the council chamber. Residents say they are tired of being taken for granted.


The Lib Dems are hoping to build on their 2021 success of four town councillors in Billericay and coming only 198 votes behind the Conservatives in the Billericay West borough seat.


Key issues for the Lib Dems are:
1. The Basildon Local Plan.  The Liberal Democrats want a Local Plan that works for local people - that puts infrastructure FIRST. The Conservatives may have scrapped their own plan (at the 11th hour), but that risks speculative development. They are not being honest with voters about where they will put new housing when they finally get round to drafting a Local Plan.  Liberal Democrats demand better for residents: improved consultation with local people about the Plan; with huge pressures on local roads, schools and doctors, infrastructure should come first, and genuinely-affordable housing.
2.  Local transportation.  The Liberal Democrats want to see improvements to local bus services and cycling facilities giving more people the option to choose not to drive which both reduces congestion and delivers environmental improvements.
3. Safety.  67% of respondents for a survey carried out by the Liberal Democrats indicated that residents were concerned about crime. The Lib Dems want to see improved lighting in public areas, particularly in parks like Lake Meadows. We also want to see better maintenance of footpaths encouraging more local people to walk or cycle in their local area.
4. Provision for Young People. The Liberal Democrats have campaigned for investment in playgrounds and equipment such as Skate Parks.  The provision of these services hasn't been equal across the Borough and it is crucial that this investment is made now for young people across our communities.

Photograph (left to right):
Chris Daffin candidate for Burstead
Cllr Chris Smith of Billericay Town Council
Dr Tim Nicklin candidate for Billericay West (and daughter)
Laura Clark candidate for Billericay East
Chris May candidate for Langdon Hills
Further information on the candidates can be found here.
Questions for the candidates can be emailed to [email protected].
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