Redrow Planning Application Response from Billericay & Burstead Liberal Democrats

Billericay and Burstead Liberal Democrats Response to Redrow Planning application Reference 19/01725/OUT

Billericay & Burstead Liberal Democrats have responded to the Redrow application focusing on key issues of transport, the environment, infrastructure and affordability.


  • Redrow Homes have submitted an outline planning application for 540 homes on the land west of Mountnessing Road and north of London Road.
  • Billericay and Burstead Liberal Democrats have made a group response to this which you can read below.
  • This communication is to share our response with you and give you some information on how to do the same if you would like to make your own response.  It would make sense that there are as many responses as possible, and it adds weight to the responses if they don’t just come from the immediate neighbours to the development site but from across the town.  Many of the concerns we have highlighted affect all of Billericay’s residents




  • We advise residents to respond by the 28 January, as this date has been widely circulated, but the dates visible on the Basildon planning site are as follows:
    • Standard Consultation Expiry Date 30 Jan 2020
    • Neighbour Consultation Expiry Date 3 Feb 2020


Our Response to Redrow Homes

    • This planning consent should not be given in advance of the approval of the local plan by the planning inspector; this land is green belt unless it is changed as part of the local plan process and should therefore be declined on that basis alone
    • Furthermore this site should be managed under one management company and all developments across Billericay and Burstead should be considered together to ensure that the below demands are met before houses are approved:

Better transport: 

  • Building extra houses will lead to gridlocked roads and not enough seats on the already busy trains to London.  
  • This application suggests that this will in part be mediated by residents using buses and cycling but this isn’t an adequate fix on its own and requires investment in infrastructure.  (ie. investment in cycle paths, cycle storage across town, trains that make less stops before Billericay, more frequent and direct bus services, subsidised buses, adequate car parking provision across the town)
  • The application from Redrow suggests traffic at peak times will worsen by c. 8% and we think this is unacceptable

Protect our environment:

  • There are mature trees on all the sites being developed including 15 mature trees on the Redrow site, and we want to see a specific commitment to protect these 15 existing trees.  Redrow will increase air pollution in the town, and this is one way that the increase can be mitigated.

Schools and Doctors first: 

  • Our local schools and doctors are already oversubscribed.  Before Redrow is allowed to sell any houses, we should ensure the infrastructure improvements, including schools and health services, are built.
  • Walkable neighbourhoods are deemed to be those that can access facilities in less than 10 minutes, but very few of the facilities are accessible in this time from the Redrow development unless investment in new facilities and infrastructure is made.
  • Nearest doctors surgery Western Road surgery is over 14 mins walk to Redrow site, nearest primary schools are Quilters Infants and Junior Schools (19 mins) and Brightside (20mins) and the Railway station is almost a 17min walk. 


  • No details are provided around the quantity of one and two bed houses within the development, or the price point that these would be sold for. There are already young people in Billericay and Burstead, who are trying but unable to buy their first home. There are also many more, who will grow up over the 8 years that this development will take to build, that will want to buy their first home. It is therefore imperative that this development caters for local people, at a price they can afford, so that they can stay in Billericay and Burstead. Growth should be meeting the needs of our growing town first. 


We are also running a campaign about the Local Plan in Basildon Borough. Read more about the campaign and sign the petition here.

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